Shattered Visage

This is the "authorized sequel" to the Prisoner TV series, taking place some twenty years later. The Leo McKern #2 was apparently imprisoned for twenty years. He wrote a book on the Village, but by the time the book was basically re-written by those in the government, what he wrote and what actually got printed were two rather different things.

Number Six has gone back to the Village and has stayed there. The rest of the story involves other agents, a female agent who resigns, a boat trip, and her being trapped in the village. The former #2 confronts #6 and they basically try to kill each other. Later, other men invade the Village, looking for something or other, and another rocket is set off, supposedly destroying the Village totally.

The whole thing is pretty much absurd. Number Six had escaped the Village in Fall Out. Granted, he had promised he would come back and destroy the Village, but would he come back and voluntarily choose to live there? I don't think so.

The former Number Two was sentenced to prison for twenty years. For what? There was no indication any such thing would happen in the final episode. Also, it is very, very doubtful that the Village would have been left abandoned. Remember that, in Fall Out, Number One was in a rocket. It is logical to assume that the rocket contained a section that would have returned to the earth either from orbit or sub-orbit. Otherwise, why have such a rocket in the first place? The people who ran the Village would have picked up the pieces and gotten going again, in all likelihood, not left the entire place abandoned and opened to anyone who could find it (and presumably any secrets left behind.)Thus, as a sequel, this story just doesn't work.

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