Ranma 1/2, volume 6

Part 1: The Evil Wakes: Something escapes from a cave in the mountains. Happosai glomps on to Akane and Ranma-chan. Soun and Genma talk about the backstory of Happosai. Happosai says he'll train Ranm to be the heir to the school.

Part 2: He's Something Else: Happosai fights Ranma some, but goes off to steal more panties and glomp onto more girls. (Happosai is an energy vampire, basically, getting energy off feeling women's underwear and, even better for him, women's rear ends and breasts).

Part 3: Bathhouse Battle: The Tendos have to use a public bath since their bath is not working. (There are public baths in Japan, almost always divided into sides for men and for women.) Ranma and Happosai get into it (of course), Ranma-chan ends up on the women's side in the hot water and changes into Ranma (of course), the women beat up Ranma, and so on. It's quite a funny section.

Part 4: Moonlight Serenade: Happosai tries to steal a pair of Akane's panties, but P-chan catches him. Happosai dresses up like P-chan, puts Akane to sleep and kidnaps her. Ranma and Ryoga fight him but he still wins although Akane tosses and turns so much in her sleep she's beating Happosai up without even trying.

Part 5: The Wrath of Happosai: A man from the volunteer neighborhood watch talks to Soun about a panty-thief seen in the area. Genma makes Happosai angry and Happosai gets his revenge in rather funny ways.

Part 6: The Scene of a Woman: Akane and Ranma trick Happosai into wearing something that drives women away which removes his source of power. He's about to be mailed to the North Pole when Ranma saves him. Then it rains, Ranma becomes Ranma-chan, and Happosai gets in his glomps.

Part 7: Fathers Know Best: Soun, Genma and Ranma try to beat up Happosai. Happosai uses his giant battle aura to defeat Soun first and then Genma, but becomes worn out by the process.

Part 8: Instant Spring: -Shampoo comes up with 'instant nannichuan' powder. Meanwhile a dojo destroyer is coming to the dojo. Shampoo says she'll give Ranma the powder if he dates her.

Part 9: No Need for Ranma: The dojo destroyer shows up and Akane has to fight him alone while Ranma is having a rough time on his date with Shampoo.

Part 10: The Destroyer Strikes: Ranma gets back to the dojo to help Akane who has re-injured her hand.

Part 11: Just One More Kiss: Ranma defeats the destroyer and takes the powder which works, but finds out it only works one single time, so he's still cursed.

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