Ranma 1/2, volume 7

Part 1: Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?: Akane is going to play Juliet. Ranma, Kuno, Happosi, and Gosunkugi are want to be Romeo. Unfortunately not of the guys seem to know anything at all about the play, much less acting.

Part 2: Romeo? Romeo? Romeo!?: The club starts to perform the scene but it goes all crazy really quick.

Part 3: Not Your Typical Juliet: Ranma changes into Ranma-chan and dresses up as Juliet. She gets Happosai drunk. Ranma-chan gets drunk and passes out. Kuno and Akane have a swordfight. Ranma-chan kisses Kuno but only after she's put tape over his mouth.

Part 4: A Kiss to the Victor: Akane ends up kissing Ranma after putting tape over his mouth. The prize is not what Ranma expected, though.

Part 5: Quest for the Hidden Spring: Ryoga tells Ranma he has a map to a spring in Japan that can cure them. The map leads them to right behind the girls' locker room at school.

Part 6: The Trouble With Girls' Locker Rooms: Things don't go well, of course, Ranma generally getting beaten up by the girls. Happosai then thinks Ranma's come to help him steal their underwear.

Part 7: From the Spring, Springs a Message: Ranma and Ryoga keep going at it and they uncover a spring, but it's not the one they thought it would be.

Part 8: The Way The Cooking Crumbles: Kodachi brings some cookies to Ranma that are laced with sleeping potion. Akane bakes cookies for Ranma but Happosai eats them and regrets it heartily. Gosunkugi captures a photo of Ranma on top of Kodachi.

Part 9: Negative Feelings: Ranma goes to Kodachi's who has lots and lots of copies of the photo. Kuno thinks he has a clear shot at Akane. Ranma meets Mr. Turtle and changes into a girl and Kodachi, of course, can't figure out where Ranma has gone.

Part 10: Take Me Out to the Bathtub: Ranma works on getting the original negative back, but Akane sees an altered photo and goes ballistic.

Part 11: I Ate The Whole Thing: Kodachi tries to get a kiss from an unconscious Ranma but it doesn't work. He eats Akane's cookies and becomes violently ill.

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