Ranma 1/2, Volume 8

Part 1: Okonomiyaki means I Love You: Ukyo appears and confronts Genma. Ukyo enrolls in the same class Ranma and Akane are in and challenges Ranma.

Part 2: Saucy Reply: Ukyo fights Ranma in a ring that's part hot plate. Eventually Ranma throws Ukyo out of the ring entirely. Ranma grabs Ukyo and realizes that what he's feeling are breasts. (He had thought Ukyo was a boy).

Part 3: Ukyo's Secret: We find out about Ukyo's past and how she's also engaged to Ranma. They end up making up.

Part 4: Ryoga vs. Ukyo: Ryoga fights Ukyo until Ranma convinces him Ukyo is a girl. Later she plots with Ryoga to help him get to date Akane, leaving her free to go after Ranma.

Part 5: Love Letters in the Sauce: Akane receives an okonomiyaki setting her up with a date with Ryoga. Ryoga is lost, of course. Ryoga does get there finally.

Part 6: Ryoga's What?: Ranma-chan shows up in disguise and pretends to be engaged to Ryoga. Akane discovers it's Ranma, though, and kicks him away.

Part 7: At Long Last...The Date: Ukyo and Ranma spy on Akane and Ryoga as they go out on their date. Ranma tries the disguise on Ryoga but he finally finds out.

Part 8: Happosai Days are Here Again: Ranma-chan and Akane are at the beach and Happosai shows up, having stolen bikinis. Ranma promises Happosai he'll get him a date, and he sets one up with Cologne. It turns out they know each other. Happosai had stolen valuables from the Amazons after hitting on all the women in the village.

Part 9: One Moment to Love: Happosai had stolen a bracelet with love pills on it. Ranma accidentally swallows the instant pill and falls in love with Cologne for a very short time. There's a day pill, and a lifetime pill left. Akane accidentally seems to swallow one of the pills.

Part 10: I Won't Fall in Love: Ranma tries to keep Akane from looking at any men for a day. It turns out she didn't really swallow the pill after all, though.

Part 11: Abduction of...Akane?: Akane's at a festival and wins a stuffed animal. Some guy in an outfit (Mousse) takes the animal, thinking it's Akane, and challenges Ranma. Mousse attacks Ranma during a circus.

Part 12: Duck, Ranma, Duck!: Mousse captures Akane and threatens to change her into a duck.

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