Ranma 1/2, volume 9

Part 1: Akane Becomes a Duck: Ranma fights to save Akane. Shampoo gets some of the water and tries to turn Akane into a duck. In the end Akane gets blasted through the tent by the water, and the last frame has a duck in it.

Part 2: Fowl Play: Ranma finds the duck and brings it home, thinking it's Akane, and Soun demands they get married, but the real Akane shows up. Mousse and Ranma will fight and if Ranma loses Mousse gets to date Shampoo. Shampoo tries to throw the fight but eventually stops it.

Part 3: Tsubasa Kurenai Busts Loose: Ranma gets attacked by a mailbox. It's Tusuba in disguise. Ukyo explains their background. Akane points out Ukyo is a girl, but Tusbasa says she likes girls.

Part 4: Lunchtime Lunacy: Tsubasa challenges Ranma to a lunchtime pizza sale. Tusbasa changes her mind about Ukyo and starts after Ranma.

Part 5: The Perfect Match: Ranma shows Tusbasa that he's really a boy and finds out Tsubasa is really a boy, also.

Part 6: Ryoga, Come Home: Ryoga gets Akane to visit his home to see his new puppies, and tricks Ranma into showing him how to find his own home.

Part 7: Oh, Brother!: Ranma-chan dresses up in disguise and yet again fools Ryoga, this time pretending she's his sister.

Part 8: Get Lost, Yoiko!: Ryoga finds out it's Ranma in disguise.

Part 9: The Ultimate Technique: Happosai claims to have an ultimate technique, the Happo-fire burst. At first it's a bust. Happosai needs to dig up a secret scroll to re-learn it, but the scroll is buried under a rock that's in the middle of a women's bathing spring.

Part 10: Get the Secret Scroll!: Genma tries to pass himself off as a bear but get's beaten up. Happosai passes himself off as a monkey but gets found out. Ranma changes to Ranma-chan. Ranma manages to get the scroll but not before being beaten up by Akane.

Part 11: The Fire-Burst of Terror!: Akane and Ranma-chan plan tennis to trap Happosai who is caught. He tries to read the scroll but realizes he can't read his one writing. He remembers how to do the fire-burst anyhow. Ranma keeps hitting it right back at him, and his huge one ends up exploding in his face.

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