Ranma 1/2, volume 10

Part 1: Embraceable You: Cologne gets a magic mushroom that can be used for dark magic, and Shampoo plans to use it. Kuno and Ranma are supposed to fight, but Kuno has a really bad cold. The mushroom is supposed to get Ranma to do whatever Shampoo wants him to do, but it turns out it's triggered by someone sneezing, so each time Kuno sneezes Ranma automatically hugs him. Akane also has a cold but each time Ranma hugs her she hits him away.

Part 2: Hold Me Close: Shampoo gives Akane something so she starts to hug Kuno all the time. Then she glomps on to Ryoga who Ranma then kicks away. The spell wears off finally.

Part 3: Akane's Power-Up!: Akane is at a fair and Shampoo tricks her. Akane wants Ranma to help her train to fight Shampoo, but Ranma points out every time she has she's lost. Happosai gets some noodles that will make him invincible, but Akane eats them by mistake. Akane decides to fight Shampoo.

Part 4: Super Badminton: While Akane is beating Shampoo, Soun tells Ranma that the super-noodles have a side-effect; they will cause Akane to grow whiskers. Shampoo eats the soba also, but Ranma gives her a cure for its effects.

Part 5: Serious Side Effects: Ranma ends up fighting Akane in the badminton tournament but the fight ends when Akane starts to grow whiskers (like a cat's whiskers), so she agrees to take the antidote.

Part 6: The Return of the Principal: The principal returns wearing a Hawaiian shirt and playing a ukulele. He has strange rules about hair cuts and other things.

Part 7: Journey into the Principal's Office: The Principal's office is set up like Hawaii. All the students are hunting for a special coconut that has a paper in it that excuses them from all the new rules. Ranma goes into Ranma-chan mode to try and trick it out of the principal, but he's forgotten where he's hidden the coconut.

Part 8: The Principal of the Thing: Kuno and the Principal realize they are father and son.

Part 9: One Hairy Day: The map to the missing coconut is one the back of Kuno's head. The principal tricks Ranma and captures him.

Part 10: Shear Folly: Ranma finally defeats the principal and he agrees to no buzz cuts, but soon comes up with another crazy kind of hair cut he expects the students to get.

Part 11: Gonna Make You Tardy!: It's Tardy Student Punishment Week at the school. The principal tries to make Ranma tardy, but Ranma turns the tables on him and makes him tardy.

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