Ranma 1/2 volume 11

Part 1: The Soap of Happiness: Royga is back in town. Ranma, Genma and Akane are at the public bath. Ryoga comes there as P-chan and changes. Ranma takes a letter from him that he had written to Akane. Meanwhile Shampoo changes from cat form to nude girl form and tells a nude Akane that that changing into a cat is over. She has a soap that prevents (temporarily) the curse from taking place. Ryoga uses the soap and doesn't change.

Part 2: Cupids, Draw Back Your Bow: Ryoga is unable to tell Akane about his feelings for her. Meanwhile both Ranma-chan and Shampoo put on disguises to trick Ryoga. It doesn't work.

Part 3: Don't Follow Me: Ryoga and Akane sort of have a date, but instead of a theater then end up in a fun house with Ranma and Shampoo trying to get the special soap back.

Part 4: Who Do You Love?: Shampoo uses acupressure to get Akane under her control and she gets the soap from Ryoga. Shampoo gets it and Ranma ends up swallowing it.

Part 5: Give Me A Little Hug: Ryoga picks up Akane and runs off with her, but misuses her strength and scares her. Ranma-chan takes Akane's place to protect her from Ryoga.

Part 6: The Legendary Moxibustion of Evil: Happosai is running from women he's stolen panties from and Ranma tosses him back to them. They beat Happosai up, and he's really mad at Ranma. Happosai uses a technique that makes Ranma really weak. Happosai then also lets everyone know Ranma is weak.

Part 7: The World's Weakest Man: Happosai admits he doesn't know a cure. Ranma is attacked, but Ryoga refuses to attack him. Ukyo offers to take care of him. Dr. Tofu thinks he has a cure.

Part 8: Weak for Life?: It turns out Happosai has a chart showing the cure. Ranma tries to take it but can't. He and Genma leave the dojo.

Part 9: The Valley of Moxibustion: Genma, Ranma, Ukyo and Cologne are all on a trip together. Cologne says she may an idea. It's called The Heaven Blast of the Dragon. Using that he can get the cure chart away from Happosai. Akane joins them.

Part 10: Training in the Spiral of Hell: Cologne has Akane and Ukyo sit things out. Ryoga joins them and he and Genma will attack Ranma who has to learn to lead them into a spiral.

Part 11: The Inflammable Man: Ranma and Akane have an argument and Ryoga thinks Ranma has tried to rape Akane and he gets furious.

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