Ranma 1/2, volume 12

Part 1: The Roar of Heaven: Ryoga attacks Ranma but that's just what Ranma needs. He makes the spiral moves and then unleashes the Heaven Blast, sending Ryoga into the sky.

Part 2: The Great Rematch: Cologne explains about the Heaven Blast. Ranma confronts Happosai.

Part 3: St. Happosai: Ranma sets up the Heaven Blast against Happosai, but Happosai goes elsewhere and it turns out he knows about it anyhow.

Part 5: Burn, Happy, Burn: Ranma knows a way to get Happosai to release his battle aura, but Kuno, Mousse and the crazy school principal all attack Ranma. Ranma unleashes the blast but somehow Akane has gotten caught up in it.

Part 6: The Paper Chase: Ranma gets to Akane within the twister formed by the Heaven Blast.

Part 7: Ranma Reborn: Ranma gets cured of the moxibustion point.

Part 8: Who Will Bell the Cat?: Shampoo gives Ranma a very large bell but it carries the ghost of a cat. The cat asks Akane to be his bride then, when Shampoo shows up with the matching smaller bell, he asks her to be his bride.

Part 9: Kitty Takes a Bride: The cat takes possession of Genma's body thinking Ranma won't hit him, but Ranma does. Ranma ends up in the pond, though, changes into Ranma-chan, and the cat thinks she's her new bride. Ranma changes into his cat-fu form, though, and drives off the cat.

Part 10: Swim Like a Hammer: Akane is supposed to take a swimming class but she can't swim at all, period. The principal offers to help her learn how to swim. He ties a boulder to her and puts a shark in the swimming pool.

Part 11: Courage Under Water: The principal then puts Akane in a bird costume. Again, she does more drowning than near swimming. He then puts her in a mermaid costume. Again, she sinks. He then gives her a life preserver. Again she sinks.

Part 12: Step Outside: A woman has a son who's weak and won't go outside unless he gets a panda. Enter Genma. Ranma takes Genma forcibly from the house and the kid proves he can go outside and run.

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