Ranma 1/2, volume 13

Part 1: The Mark of the Gods: Ryoga runs into a guy who practices Martial Arts Calligraphy. The guy marks Ryoga's abdomen with a dumb looking thing and he becomes the strongest man alive. Ranma promises to help Ryoga get rid of the mark.

Part 2: Face Off!: Ryoga changes into P-chan, but he still has the mark and he's still super-strong.

Part 3: The Mark of the Pig: Ranma thinks he's come up with an idea to get the marking off of Ryoga. But Akane has found P-chan and washed him and used hot water.

Part 4: Akane Guesses the Secret: Ranma realizes that if Ryoga changes the shape of the drawing, he will stop it from working, but something funny happens before that is totally finished.

Part 5: Santa's Little Disciples: Happosai had been mistaken for Santa Claus by two really young kids, and they find him again. They want to be his helpers. He tries to train them to steal ladie's underwear. Things don't go well for Happosai, though.

Part 6: When You Wish Upon a Sword: Kuno has found a place that has a sword in a stone that, if the user can pull it out, it will grant him three wishes. Kuno manages to get it and uses a wish to humble Ranma. The sword changes into a mallet and hits him. Kuno then wishes the date the pig-tailed girl.

Part 7: May I Cut In?: Ranma-chan goes on her date with Kuno. Genma steals the sword and makes a wish, but it won't work for him.

Part 8: The Final Wish: Kuno makes his final wish, but it's not at all what Ranma-chan wanted or expected.

Part 9: The King is Wild: The Gambling King shows up to get revenge. The Gambling King has the deed to the Tendo dojo.

Part 10: Never Bet Your Life: The Gambling King starts to take over all parts of the Tendo Dojo, but Nabiki challenges him and wins. Then she loses.

Part 11: Put On a Poker Face: Ranma trains so he doesn't express any emotion when he gambles.

Part 12: The Virtues of Training: Ranma cheats and defeats the Gambling King (who also cheats, but all the time).

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