Ranma 1/2, volume 14

Part 1: Target: Pigtail: Some guys are in China trying to find something called the Dragon's Whisker. Ranma has it. They attack Ranma and he beats them up. They look like pork buns. They attack him various times afterwards. Ranma tells Akane and the others it's a secret he has.

Part 2: Let Your Hair Down: Happosai joins the attack and eventually they get the whisker from Ranma, but Akane takes in and chases after Ranma.

Part 3: The Whisker's Secret: Ranma's hair grows continuously without the whisker in it. Akane helps him, but Genma appears, wanting the whisker for himself. Genma takes the whisker, and Cologne tells Ranma that without the whisker he will go bald.

Part 4: Hair Raising: There's a major fight over who gets the dragon's whisker. Eventually Ranma finds out it's effect is over and he won't become bald after all.

Part 5: Let's Go to the Hot Springs: There's going to be a hot springs obstacle race. Ranma will team up with Shampoo, Mousse with Akane, and Ryoga with Ukyo.

Part 6: Screamin' at the Hot Springs!: The race is really wild with Mousse attacking Ranma and Ukyo and Shampoo fighting. The winner gets a trip to Jusenkyo.v

Part 7: Three-Leg Scramble: The guys running the race are trying to fix it so no one will win. The teams keep changing. Finally they take a break at a hot springs.

Part 8: Hot Bath!: The girls and the girls are in opposite sides of the hot springs. Normal strangeness goes on. Akane and Ranma ended up teamed.

Part 9: Ranma Gives Up?!: Ranma and Akane end up in a sand trap but manage to work their way out.

Part 10: The Final Choice: Akane and Shampoo each demand that Ranma choose them to team up with.

Part 11: A Goal Too Far: The choice doesn't go well, of course. All three end up in a pool of sake. The villagers keep moving the goal line, and Ryoga and Ukyo end up winning the race.

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