Ranma 1/2, volume 15

Part 1: Kung Fu Stew: A guy named Picolet steals other people's breads and invites the Tendo sisters to a dinner. The guy is a speed eater and also has a mutated huge mouth. Soun tells his daughters about how he and Genma visited Picolet's restaurant years ago and Soun promised an unborn daughter to Picolet. Ranma-chan, though, will be the one to receive training.

Part 2: Bad Manors: Ranma gets to Picolet's manor. Picolet not only has a mutant mouth, he has a mutant tongue which is how he can reach food perched on top of his head. Ranma-chan gets some training from an older woman who puts her in an iron corset.

Part 3: La Miserable: Akane disguises herself as a maid to be at the manor. Genma is thinking of marrying Ranma-chan off so he can eat fine French food.

Part 4: Lekarate de Foie Gras: Soun and the others find out there is some way Ranma-chan could win, but she has to figure out just how it's done.

Part 5: Bathroom Training: Ranma-chan has a week until the wedding. Akane finds out the special technique Ranma-chan is looking for, though, could be dangerous.

Part 6: Who Masters What?: Ranma-chan has lost so much weight the iron corset drops off of her and she can return to being Ranma. Still, she challenges Picolet. The technique involves force-feeding the competition, but the user could starve to death.

Part 7: Dinner Wars: The Final Course!: Ranma is losing the contest.

Part 8: Do Not Dessert Me: Ranma wins the contest.

Part 9: Hand-Me-Down Ranma: Akane's made at Nabiki for borrowing her clothes and at Ranma for borrowing a towel she embroidered. Akane loses her temper and causes a balcony to fall. Ranma catches Nabiki. Akane gets made at both of them and tells Nabiki she can have Ranma.

Part 10: The Terrible Truth!: Ukyo threatens to fight Nabiki for Ranma. Nabiki offers to sell Ranma to Shampoo, Ukyo or Kodachi. Akane overhears Nabiki tell Ranma that she loves him.

Part 11: Nabiki's Feelings: Akane is really mad about Nabiki and Ranma. Nabiki still sells photos of Ranma-chan partially nude and offers to sell Ranma to Akane.

Part 12: I'm the Victim Here!: The thing between Nabiki and Akane actually gets worse and it looks like Ranma has written off Akane and accepted Nabiki as his bride-to-be.

Part 13: I'm Sorry, Akane: Nabiki challenges Ranma to kiss her, but he doesn't. Akane overhears Nabiki say she's just be playing Ranma the entire time. Ranma keeps trying to apologize to Akane, but it goes wrong each time. He overhears Nabiki say she's been playing him. He makes a date with Nabiki, but Nabiki tells Akane he's made a date with her.

Part 14: Maze of Love: Nabiki finds out Ranma plans to set a trap for their supposed date. Things work out okay, though, anyhow.

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