Ranma 1/2, volume 16

Part 1: Ranma accidentally breaks a seal on a cursed painting, letting loose a panda-like thing. Ranma and the panda go on a date, after which she promises to return to the scroll.

Part 2: Spring Demon: At Jusenkyo, the guide's visitor log is stolen. Later Sampoo finds duck Mousse with a pair of pantyhose around it. Ryoga is attacked and P-chan also ends up with pantyhose wrapped around him. Ranma is attacked. It rains, and the attacker turns into a demon.

Part 3: The Demon's Tale: Happosai fights the thing but it flies away, taking Akane with it. The backstory of the monster is told, along with how Happosai caused all the problems.

Part 4:Find Akane!: Ranma and Ryoga ride the being's back but fall off. Meanwhile Akane has tried to escape, but the being (Pantyhose Taro) finds her.

Part 5: S.W.A.T.: Shampoo and Mousse arrive to aid Ranma and Ryoga, sort of.

Part 6: The Watery Grave: Taro defeats Ryoga and Mousse by flooding them with cold water.

Part 7: The Geyser Traps: Ranma and Taro fight. Ranma ends up as Ranma-chan.

Part 8: Boiling Retaliation: Mousse, Ryoga, Shampoo and Ranma all end up doused with hot water to return to their human forms. They hit Taro, but he flies directly towards Akane.

Part 9: The Snap of Elastic: Ranma defeats Taro. The group ties him up and Akane asks him why he is so angry.

Part 10: What's in a Name?: It turns out Ranma had name him Pantyhose Taro. Taro wants Happosai to change his name. Ranma offers to help Taro get his name changed.

Part 11: Back to the Freak-ture!: The trick backfires and Happosai pledges to destroy Taro.

Part 12: And Back and Back and Back...: Taro has picked his new name. Awesome Taro.

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