Ranma 1/2, volume 17

Part 1: Melonhead: Ranma and Akane are at the beach and encounter Kuno. Kuno doesn't remember who he is, although he remembers he doesn't like watermelons as he slices up a whole bunch of them that were about to hit him.

Part 2: The Horror of Party Beach: Kuno keeps chasing Ranma-chan and they head towards a place called Watermelon Island.

Part 3: Catcher in the Rind: Ranma tries to help Kuno get his memory back by recreating what happened originally. Kuno had a watermelon on his head and hit it with a sword, knocking himself out. The approach works.

Part 4: The Sauce of Ten Years: Ukyo is upset when a sauce she had been preparing for ten years turns out bad, but actually it's Ranma's fault. Ukyo moves in at the Tendo's for a little while.

Part 5: For the Love of Sauce: Akane is really upset about how nice Ranma has been to Ukyo.

Part 6: The Truth about the Truth: Ukyo is still at the Tendo's. Ranma tells Ukyo he was the one to ruin the sauce but she doesn't believe him. Nabiki then tells Ukyo that Ranma and Akane are already married.

Part 7: The Honeymoon Period: Ranma and Akane sleep in the same room (but apart). Ukyo has given up okonomiyaki and is still trying to win Ranma for herself.

Part 8: Please Hate Me: Ranma keeps trying to get Ukyo to hate him but everything he does fails. Finally, she realizes that she really likes cooking and leaves.

Part 9: Nightmare on Hot Springs Street: There's a manic octopus trap on the loose. It turns out it's Happosai.

Part 10: Paper Dolls of Love: Gosunkugi is back with his fixation on Akane. He gets some dolls that will make people do what he wants them to. Nothing really works the way he planned.

Part 11: The Pill of Obedience: Happosai gives Ranma a pill that is supposed to make him obey, but it acts like a magnet and the two of them get stuck together. Ranma finally gets separated from Happosai by tricking him.

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