Ranma 1/2, volume 18

Part 1: The Lion's Roar: Ryoga has acquired a new combat technique and in a week Ranma and he will fight.

Part 2: Prelude to Defeat: Cologne tells Ranma he cannot master the technique. Akane asks Ryoga to help raise Ranma's spirits. Ranma dresses up in female form as a girl again and fools Ryoga for a while. Later Ranma is able to use the technique on his father, but can't figure out why it worked.

Part 3: Unlucky Blow: Ranma figures out how it works and he and Ryoga keep using it on each other. Cologne tries to warn the two of them that perfecting the technique can be very dangerous to them.

Part 4: Emotional Impact: Ryoga gets Akane to say she hates him and he achieves the final development of the technique.

Part 5: Lion versus Tiger!: Akane tells Ryoga she wants to be friends with him forever.

Part 6: The Weight of Victory: Ranma manages to trick Ryoga and uses the power of the technique against Ryoga and defeats him.

Part 7: New Year's Curse: Shampoo makes a ramen delivery to a cat temple and it's obvious the haunted cat from an earlier book is there. The cat has cursed Shampoo to turn into a cat whenever she passes a rope around the shrine. Ranma has to rescue Shampoo or she'll become a cat forever.

Part 8: Ring Proposal: Ranma has to kiss Shampoo to break the spell and that, of course, doesn't go easily. In the end it's Shampoo in cat form that kisses Ranma.

Part 9: The Plum and the Prune: Ranma has been having a dream about the same old man for several nights. Some guy shows up and says it's his grandfather. The grandfather is ill and his astral projection wants to go on a date with Ranma-chan since she reminds him of a love he once had.

Part 10: Sibling Warfare: Kodachi and Kuno have an argument, and Kuno needs Ranma's help to settle things. The argument gets worse, though.

Part 11: The Scandal Breaks!: The argument continues, but Ranma finds a way to control Kuno and get him to apologize to Kodachi and end the argument.

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