Ranma 1/2, volume 19

Part 1: When Daddy Was Strong: Genma is upset because he feels he's weaker than Ranma. Genma plans to fight Ranma in a week.

Part 2: Time to Leave the Nest: Ranma and Genma start their match.

Part 3: The Cradle From Hell: They continue to fight.v

Part 4: Mark of the Cherry Blossom: Akane gets a mochi that will make a mark on the person who is destined for her. Happosai is the first to eat one and he gets a big X on his face to eliminate him. Kuno eats one and gets an X on his face. P-chan eats one and gets a different kind of mark on his face.

Part 5: Akane's Feelings: Akane eats one of the mochi and gets an X on her face. Ranma finally eats one.

Part 6: Storm of Petals: Ranma falls into some ink that Ryoga has prepared and when he washes it off there's no mark at all on his face. P-chan attacks Ranma and leaves marks all over his face and Akane think's their petals.

Part 7: L! O! V! E!: The school loses a volleyball match since a cheerleader on the other side cheats and hits the team members with batons. Ranma-chan will engage in a martial arts cheerleading battle with the girl.

Part 8: Cheerleading for Love: The girl is in love with Kuno. It's obvious Ranma-chan is going to have a difficult time.

Part 9: Win One for the Lover: The girl is winning the match.

Part 10: Equals in Love: Someone shows up to fight Kuno in the kendo match, and Ranma-chan says she's in love with that guy, whoever he is.

Part 11: Love vs. Love: It turns out, of course, that the 'guy' is Akane.

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