Ranma 1/2, volume 20

Part 1: Love Always Wins: Ranma manages to see that Kuno gets defeated, but not before everyone has heard him say how he loves Akane (even though he didn't know it was Akane at the time).

Part 2; Ranma Meets His Mother!?: It's the memorial day of Akane's mother and the family is at the gravesite. Ranma wonders about his own mother. The Tendos have gotten a note that says Nodoka is coming to visit, and Genma wants to escape. Nodoka shows up, but Genma makes sure Ranma is Ranma-chan and he's a panda before she does.

Part 3: A Man's Vow: The backstory of Genma's taking Ranma, and the agreement to commit suicide if Ranma is not the best man among men is brought out.

Part 4: Risky Reunion: It is obvious that Nodoka is a little on the crazy side, but Ranma would still like to be able to acknowledge his own mother.

Part 5: Even If It's Just a Glance: Akane arranges for Ranma to meet his mother, but Genma blocks Ranma and kidnaps Nodoka.

Part 6: Mother and Son...Together!!: Ranma rescues his mother but she thinks it was Ranko that rescued her when she wakes up.

Part 7: Sudden Hate!!: Cologne is cleaning some of her jewelry and lets Shampoo take her pick. When Ranma meets Shampoo she hates him.

Part 8: Say You Love Me!!: Ranma tries to find out what has caused Shampoo's change in attitude.

Part 9: Love's Counterstrike: Ranma is trying to get Shampoo to say that she loves him. Mousse tells Akane about the jewel, but Cologne stops them from telling Ranma.

Part 10: Who Loves Who?: Akane stops Ranma just in time by saying she loves him, then Shampoo says see loves him, then Akane gets made and knocks Ranma skyward.

Part 11: The Phantom Lingerie: Happosai has been stealing underwear again, but each day it turns into paper. He'll die if someone doesn't steal the panties of the former headmistress of a girls' school. Either Ranma or Happosai has to be the thief.

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