Ranma 1/2, volume 21

Part 1: Pantyhose Taro Returns!: Panthose Taro had saved several girls but, when they thanked him, he was too embarrassed to tell them his name. He has gotten water from the Spring of Pious Man that he wants to use on Happosai. Something goes wrong.

Part 2: The Black Secret: The water will actually turn Happosai into twins. Taro now is also part octopus.

Part 3: The Hot Water Fortress: Ranma and Taro fight at a bathhouse.

Part 4: Tentacular Spectacular: They continue the fight outside the bathhouse. Happosai finds out what he water is really about and wants to turn himself into twins, but he doesn't get his wish.

Part 5: Stomperella: Ranma is running on a beach and Genma kicks him into the water, sort of. Ranma-chan wakes up in a bed on a private beach belong to a guy named Yohyo. The guy is looking for some woman that stepped on his head once.

Part 6: The Fairy Tale Ending: The guy's fortune is tanking, though, and Ranma offers to help by breaking a boulder so a hot spring can flow and the guy can get the tourist business going again.

Part 7: The Violence of Cooking: Kasumi's ill and can't cook. Nodoka arrives and promises to help Akane learn how to cook. Of course, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Ranma's identity almost gets revealed, and Genma, in panda form, has to eat all the food failures ( a very suitable punishment for him.)

Part 8: The Carp of Misery: Royga buys a koi love rod. He needs to attach it to someone and then reel them in, and they will fall in love with him. Ranma starts to act nice to Ryoga, and Ryoga tells him to change into Ranma-chan. He does, and then Ryoga examines Ranma-chan's breasts, looking for the mark of a carp, when Akane opens the tent.

Part 9: Carpy Deum: Ranma acts affectionate towards Ryoga in male or female form. Akane is upset. Ryoga plans to kill Ranma.

Part 10: Quit Carping: Ryoga tries to shake off Ranma's feelings, then hits Ranma with the rod again, negating the love feelings.

Part 11: One-Punch: Some guys try to beat up Gosunkugi but Ranma saves him. Gosukungi buys a type of armor to make himself strong. Before Gosunkugi can defeat Ranma, though, the armor explodes.

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