Ranma 1/2, volume 22

Part 1: The Guest at the Cat Cafe: Mouse is attacked by some new character. Ryoga is attacked by another character and is also beaten. Shampoo and Akane are kidnapped. Someone named Herb is behind the attacks and he the two other characters are Lime and Mint. They are from the Musk dynasty. Ranma moves to attack Herb, but Cologne tells him not to strike Herb.

Part 2: The Animal Kingdom: Herb turns out to be a female. Cologne explains the Musk are a tribe of men that captured animals, threw them into Jusenkyo springs to change them into women, then married them to produce children with animal abilities. Ranma-chan finds out she is stuck in female form.

Part 3: Ranma-chan finds out there is something that can change her back. Ryoga and Mousse plan to go with Ranma to fight Herb. They just want the cure for themselves, though.

Part 4: Battle of the Hot Springs Women!: The three encounter Herb. Ranma-chan and Herb fight, although Ranma-chan gets the worst of the battle.

Part 5:Race to Treasure Mountain: The three follow Herb and the henchmen to the mountain.

Part 6: Death on Treasure Mountain: Mousse defeats his opponent, but Ryoga is losing to his.

Part 7: The Tragedy of the Pail: Ryoga and Mousse win and drench themselves with water from a pail, but it's the wrong pail.

Part 8: The Waterfall of Secret Treasure Revealed!: Herb finds the treasure and changes back into a man, which he was originally.

Part 9: An Ever-elusive Treasure: Herb and Ranma-chan fight, and Herb is winning.

Part 10: The Confession of Rage!: Herb tells Ranma-chan how he ended up a woman, and it seems the sight of breasts upsets Herb so Ranma has been flashing him a lot.

Part 11: Rise Up, Ranma!: Ryoga and Mousse get changed, but Ranma is still being beaten by Herb.

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