Ranma 1/2, volume 23

Part 1: A Man Again!: The battle between Herb and Ranma continues. Ranma gets changed back into a man.

Part 2: Welcome Home, Ranma!: Ranma defeats Herb but Ranma saves Herb's life when the mountain starts to collapse.

Part 3: The Ultimate Teacher!: Hinako is the new teacher. She's at times a young girl and then can absorb energy from the boys and turn into a woman. Hinako takes on Happosai and defeats him.

Part 4: The Eight Mysterious Treasures: Kodachi, Ukyo and Shampoo think Ranma has feelings for Hinako. Happosai tells Ranma a little about Hinako and says he must not attack her.

Part 5: The World's Most Powerful Woman: Happosai fills Ranma in on Hinako's history. Hinako has defeated Kodachi, Ukyo and Shampoo. Happosai tells how to neutralize Hinako's abilities.

Part 6: Go For the Pressure Points: One or two of the pressure points Ranma is supposed to use are on her right breast. Akane catches him doing that and think's he's trying to cop a feel.

Part 7: The Formation From Hell: The girls try to attack Hinako during a basketball game but they keep hitting Ranma-chan instead.

Part 8: The Eight Treasures Change Return: Ranma-chan and Hinako fight and Hinako seems to win.

Part 9:The Ultimate Health Regimen: Happosai tells more of Hinkao's back-story. Ranma fights her and wins.

Part 10: Akane's Journey: Akane remembers being lost in a forest during a vacation her family took when she was quite young. Akane prepares a meal that's actually edible. Akane goes back to look at the forest again.

Part 11: Recovered Memories: Akane remembers someone saving her. She encounters the same boy, this time grown. There are also huge forms of animals in the forests.

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