Ranma 1/2, volume 24

Part 1: The Secret of the Forest: The guy eats Akane's cooking and says it's delicious. He lied to Ranma about Akane. Shinnosuke is the guy's name and he can't seem to remember much of anything. His grandfather tells Akane Shinnosuke will die without water from a certain well.

Part 2: The Water of Life: Ranma rescues Shinnosuke, and Akane tells him she's going to stay in the forest.

Part 3: In The Shade of the Forest: All the springs in the forest are drying up, and the grandfather refers to something that has awakened. Ranma is still in the forest and Ryoga has arrived. Shinnosuke tells Akane he loves her.

Part 4: See Ya, Akane: Ranma and Shinnosuke start to fight but Akane hits Ranma. Meanwhile the grandfather confronts the monster.

Part 5: The King of Beasts Emerges: The grandfather explains about the beast and its connection to the water of life from the wells.

Part 6: The Orochi and Its Fury: Ranma and Shinnosuke confront the monster.

Part 7: The Eighth Head: The monster captures Akane.

Part 8: Take Care of Her: Ranma-chan tries to distract the monster.

Part 9: Blow Your Horn!!: Shinnosuke is saved from death and Akane goes to save Ranma from the monster.

Part 10: Let's Go Home: Ranma gets free of the monster.

Part 11: These Words I Send to You: The monster is vanquished and Akane and Ranma head home, holding hands.

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