Ranma 1/2, volume 25

Part 1: Danger: Home Visit Ahead!: Hinako does a home visit at Ranma's and in young form stays the night.

Part 2: Target: Soun!: Hinako decides she wants Soun to marry her. Soun thinks Ranma is coming on to Hinako.

Part 3: Danger: Flight Path of Love!: Hinako tries to propose to Soun but it doesn't work out like she planned.

Part 4: The Unbeatable Lens: Mousse is trying to get Shampoo to go out on a date with him but runs into Cologne instead, calling her a giant voodoo doll. Mousse gets hold of an Amazon secret weapon.

Part 5: Tearful Apology!!: Ranma wants to get revenge on Mousse and Shampoo is upset with Mousse.

Part 6:The Lowliest Jerk: Mousse stops using the weapon and Shampoo agrees to go out on a date with him.

Part 7: Demon Dog of the Sea: Ranma and Akane go to a beach but there's a demon in the water. Ranma finds where it is and hits it, but ends up with it on her swimsuit and she can't get the suit off. The demon on the suit then tells its story. Someone suddenly shows up.

Part 8: Compliment Me!: Ranma-chan has to get Kuno to compliment the swimsuit she's wearing and she finally manages to, ending up totally naked in front of him in the water.

Part 9: Cursed Cave of Broken Loves: Ukyo wants to take a vacation so she, Akane and Ranma go to a haunted cave. Ryoga shows up so he and Ukyo go together, and Ranma and Akane go together.

Part 10: Exit of Misery: Akane tells Ranma she thinks Ryoga and Ukyo are going together. Akane and Ranma leave the cave and nothing happens; it's Ryoga and Ukyo that the ghosts descend upon.

Part 11: Give Back the Tests!!: The principal has stolen the test scores. Ranma tries to get them back, but the principal ends up going away in a runaway balloon.

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