Ranma 1/2, volume 26

Part 1: Mother, I Am Ranma!: Some guy pretends to be Ranma in order to befriend Nodoka.

Part 2: Thousand-Mountain vs. Thousand-Sea: Ranma-chan tries to find a missing scroll at Nodokas but leaves. The guy follows her and sees Ranma transform.

Part 3: Ranma vs. Ranma: The guy's name is Ryu. He fights Ranma and beats him.

Part 4: Intensive Training!!: Genma trains Ranma in a move to counter the one Ryu uses.

Part 5: A Letter From Mother: Ranma challengs Ryo to a fight.

Part 6: Quick as Lightning-The Thousand Seas!: The fight begins.

Part 7: House of the Sea, House of the Mountain: Ranma is losing the fight.

Part 8: Thousand-Mountain Tragedy: The fight goes on, but Nodoka arrives.

Part 9: The Invisible Strike: The fight continues with Genma intercepting Nodoka and drawing her somewhere else.

Part 10: The Truth of the Secret Scrolls: Ranma defeats Ryo and the scrolls are buried. Turns out they weren't for fighting; they were for stealing and robbing.

Part 11: Ranma's Tears: Happosai is getting old and wants to make a potion of youth. He needs Ranma's tears to do it. The potion is made, but the effects are not exactly what were expected.

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