Ranma 1/2, volume 27

Part 1: The Terror of the Phoenix Sword!: Kuno buys a phoenix egg which will supposedly give him a special sword ability. Ranma puts the egg on Kuno's egg and it hatches. The bird hates Ranma at first sight. Kuno tries to take the bird off his head but it won't come off.

Part 2: The Immortal Phoenix Sword: Ranma feeds the bird to get it to grow quickly so it will fly off of Kuno's neck and it finally does.

Part 3: The Seeds of Tragedy: A backstory of something that happened to Shampoo and a new adversary that uses mandrake roots. Actually, there are two adversaries saying they have come to kill Shampoo and her husband.

Part 4: Motherhood Flower, Please: The two attack Ranma at the dojo and capture Shampoo.

Part 5: Shampoo-Captive!: The two fight Ranma and Shampoo and temporarily defeat them.

Part 6: The Forest of Poisonous Plants: Ranma and Shampoo get caught in the forest of poisonous plants. Akane comes to rescue them.

Part 7: The Ultimate Medicine: Ranma has to battle the plants, take an antidote to the poison, have lips that look incredibly stupid, and destroy the poison plant forest.

Part 8: Evil and the Bean: An evil demon that takes over the bodies of people escapes. It inhabits Genma first and then Kuno. After him it enters Ryoga and then enters Kasumi. The demon is finally captured, but escapes again.

Part 9: The King of Poverty's Challenge: Nabiki finds out she's being followed. He dates Nabiki but takes financial advantage of her.

Part 10: The King of Debt vs. The Queen of Debt: Nabiki and the guy make a bet about who will be the first to spend 10 yen.

Part 11: For The Love of Ten Yen: Nabiki ends up winning the bet.

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