Ranma 1/2, volume 28

Part 1: Spring Comes to Ryoga: There's a giant pig going on a rampage, and Ryoga knocks it out. The pig belongs to a girl named Akari. She's been looking for a man that can beat her pig.

Part 2: Love That Pig!: Akari tells Ranma she's in love with Ryoga. Ranma tries to help Ryoga team up with Akari, but Ryoga can't accept her love since she likes pigs, and he hates being P-chan.

Part 3: The Perfect Couple: Akari kind of accepts Ryoga, but something goes wrong and she leaves.

Part 4: Experimental Herb-Towering Hair: Cologne needs someone to test a hair tonic, and Ranma gives it to Genma to use. It turns out when Genma gets angry his hair grows (a whole lot), but when he laughs, it falls out. Genma falls into water and turns into a giant panda.

Part 5: Infinite Battle 'Ki': It's back to Hinako who's looking for a way to stay grown up. She catches Ranma in her apartment.

Part 6: Let's Study!: The method she found, though, will actually hurt her.

Part 7: The Tragic Lesson of the Black Cherry Tree: Kuno has gotten in trouble with a tree and now is possessed by the tree's spirit. Only his head shows. The tree takes over Kuno's spirit and demands that Ranma-chan kiss it, but Ranma-chan has an axe. He threatens the tree with it and that's the end of the problem.

Part 8: Ranma Catches a Cold: Ranma catches a cold from Happosai. His fever is so high he doesn't change into Ranma-chan when he's in cold water. Genma gets jealous of Nodoka wanting to take care of an ill Ranma-chan.

Part 9: A Hot Reunion?!: Ranma wants to see his mother, but Akane keeps punting him away.

Part 10: Ranma Till Morning: Nodoka gets Ranma's cold and becomes ill.

Part 11: The Cursed Spatula: A rather strange story involving Ukyo, Akane, Ranma, Kuno and Ryoga and a cursed spatula.

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