Ranma 1/2, volume 29

Part 1: Happosai's New Disciple: Happosai starts teaching a young kid. He's stealing underwearing and feeling up Akane's breasts.

Part 2: Secret Treasure-Brocade Butterfly: Happosai had stolen something from someone around a hundred years ago and that's what the kid wants to take back. The kid, though, turns out not to be a kid at all.

Part 3: Special Move-Wild Butterfly Dance: It turns out the special treasure is a device that will allow any pervert like Happosai or his friend to make breast-prints of women, and they get one of Ranma-chan.

Part 4: Lucky Day-My Family's Away!: Ryoga accidentally finds his home. He's lonely and Akane comes to visit him, but Akari is already there. He tries to keep Akane from finding out about Akari.

Part 5: Alone With Them Both: Ranma-chan dresses in disguise as a maid and has fun pushing Ryoga from Akari to Akane and back again. It gets quite funny.

Part 6: The Umbrella of Love: There's a legendary umbrella of love at the school and Akane finds it. Kuno and Nabiki stand under it and Nabiki starts to like Kuno. Then Kuno and Ranma get caught under it. The umbrella ends up being destroyed.

Part 7: Get Ready for Swim Class!: Hinako is supposed to teach Akane how to swim, but she doesn't know how to swim either. It turns into a total quite humorous disaster.

Part 8: Cold Summer Noodles: Cologne gets a bunch of noodles but they taste terrible, so they have a contest about a 'noodle of power' to trick people into buying the noodles.

Part 9: The Doll of Vengeance: Akane and Nabiki at at a doll inn when a legendary doll is that supposedly has a soul. It takes over Akane's body to get revenge on Ranma for touching it.

Part 10: The Doll's Trap: The doll keeps trying to hurt Ranma, but eventually takes off its clothes and Ranma sees Akane's body totally naked.

Part 11: Aloha School: A field trip goes afoul as some students, including Akane, Ranma and Hinako, end up on an island. The guys get a virus that causes them to behave oddly, wanting to think any woman there is available as a bride.

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