Ranma 1/2, volume 30

Part 1: The Glowing Girl: Pantyhose Taro shows up and some has beaten him. Meanwhile Akane finds some strange girl that had fallen into a fountain. Her name is Rouge. Happosai spills water on her and she turns into some kind of monster and beats up Happosai.

Part 2: The Other Rouge!!: This other Rouge has six arms and three heads. Rouge had fallen into Jusenkyo spring of a particular demon and now has that curse. The demon form is after Taro for something he took from her.

Part 3: Source of Power-Owner's Manual: Pantyhose Taro and Asura, the girl, battle in the air, and she gets ready to use her full power.

Part 4: A Beautiful Friendship: The battle continues with Asura getting the upper hand.

Part 5: Beware! The Blows of Strength: Pantyhose Taro gets knocked out. The source of Asura's power is found and she's able to get it back.

Part 6: The White Lily: Akane is at a fairgrounds and Kodachi is causing trouble. Kodachi encounters a women on a horse. She runs away from the woman. Ten years ago they met and made an agreement to meet ten years hence with their boyfriends.

Part 7: Battle of the Boyfriends!: Ranma gets called trash and Akane goes along with the one-time date thing with Kodachi, but nothing is settled and there will be a rematch in five years.

Part 8: The Chosen One: Genma and Soun get a special armor that is looking for its proper owner. The armor choses Akane and she fights and defeats Ranma. It rejects Ranma-chan.

Part 9: Ranma's Plot: Ranma loses to Akane again. The armor, by the way, is mobile on its own. Ranma finds a way to neutralize armor, but he has to hit it in one particular spot first.

Part 10: The First Time I Said What I Felt: The trick Ranma wants to use goes wrong. Ranma tells Akane he thinks she's cute but she won't believe him and gets ready to fight him.

Part 11: The Great Divide: Ranma fights Akane and finds a way to get the armor off of her.

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