Ranma 1/2, volume 31

Part 1: Love Medicine: Some young guy is ill. His mother is drawn to look like some kind of freak. He wants to be fed medicine by a young, beautiful girl. Hence Ranma-chan becomes involved.

Part 2: Kasumi Gets Mad: Kasumi fixes dinner but the others eat out and don't think to invite her. Everyone thinks Kasumi is mad at them and they try to make it up to her but make things worse.

Part 3: The Mushroom of Time: Ryoga eats a mushroom that causes him to become a young kid and Ranma takes him to stay at the dojo. Through a mistake Ranma ends up young also.

Part 4: To The Mushroom Forest!: Ranma and Ryoga look for the mushroom forest but keep getting intercepted and treated as cute kids.

Part 5: 16 cm Short: Ranma and Ryoga fight a lot but Ryoga gets made younger.

Part 6: The Two Shampoos: Ryoga does a good dead for a protective statue so it transforms itself into a duplicate of Shampoo, but it may be harming him.

Part 7: Payback's a Saint: Cologne, Shampoo, Akane and Ranma are finally able to rescue Mousse.

Part 8: Drawn and Quartered Horse: Hinako tells Ranma and Akane some demon is destroying prayer tablets. The horse on the tablets comes alive and is the one destroying them. He doesn't like the image.

Part 9: Saotome Family (Onsen) Vacation: Nodoka had once made Genma and Ranma coats. They are out training and run into Nodoka and she finds the coats, but doesn't assume the Panda and Ranma-chan are actually Genma and Ranma.

Part 10: Stop That Octopus!: Something is messing up Ukyo's okonomiyaki and it's an octopus. It turns out someone Ukyo knows from when she was young is behind it all.

Part 11: Masked Death Match!: The guy fights Ukyo and defeats her but can't get his mask off.

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