Ranma 1/2, volume 32

Part 1: Shotgun Beans!!: The Tendo's are given a shotgun bean plant which shoots beans at demons or any angry face. The plant can also fly and shoot beans at anyone fighting. Kasumi is able to catch it and get rid of it, though.

Part 2: The Little Heart: The story revolves around the Japanese tradition of chocolate day where girls give the guy they like chocolate.

Part 3: Whack the Principal!: Ranma and another guy get dropped into the principal's repentence room. Hinako gets dropped into the room also and absorbs power from a bust of the principal and gets mad. She goes after the principal and finds him with some helpers.

Part 4: Bow Down!: The helpers are Kuno, Happosai and Nabiki. Hinako has herself turned into a delinquent.

Part 5: Busted!: The section starts out at the bath house. Happosai changes Ranma into Ranma-chan and puts Akane's bra on her (but the bra is too small). Akane later tells Ranma her breasts had gotten bigger. Nodoka takes Ranma-chan to get her a new bra but also tells Akane that her breasts really have gotten bigger.

Part 6: The Punishment of Perv-Boy!: In all the madness from a clothes-shopping trip Nodoka ends up thinking a boy (Ranma) is really a pervert dressing in women's clothes and vows to punish him.

Part 7: Mama, Papa, and Tata: Nodoka's in the household still searching for the perv-boy.

Part 8: Looking His Best; Nodoka catches Ranma dressed in girl's clothes.

Part 9: See Me For What I Am: A very funny section which ends with Nodoka thinking something may be going on between Ranma and Ranko.

Part 10: Incense of Spring Sleep: Happosai makes a concoction that puts Akane to sleep. Akane has some strange dreams and can fight even while she sleeps. Nabiki has something that can cure her.

Part 11:The Three-year Smile of Death: Mousse makes a rocket of love and uses it on Shampoo, but it sort of backfires. Shampoo gets angry at Mousse and loses the effects of the smile, although, frankly, this portion of the story seems confusing, rushed, and ultimately unsatisfying.

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