Ranma 1/2, volume 33

Part 1: The Two Ranma's: Genma and Ranma arrive at a place called the Mirror Mansion. Ranma-chan is duplicated after she gazes into a certain mirror. Ranma-chan 2, to give her a name, loves to hit on guys. She doesn't turn into a boy when bathing in hot water, either.

Part 2: An Isoscele's Love Triangle: RC2 also likes to wear very revealing clothing. Ranma is given a compact mirror that she can supposedly trap RC2 in. RC2 has fallen in love (or at least lust) with Ranma.

Part 3: Get That Compact!!: Happosai and Akane get trapped in the compact mirror. Then Kuno gets trapped in the mirror.

Part 4: The Ultimate Couple: Ranma gets duplicated, and Ranma 2 and Ranma-chan 2 hit on each other.

Part 5: Playing House: Ranma gets Nabiki upset and Ranma tries to apologize.

Part 6: The Sisters of Terror!: Happosai, Genma and Ranma visit a tea house which is supposed to be for ninja training but has three very ugly women in it. The tea house ends up being ruined. One young girl ninja is left to get revenge and she defeats Happosai. She defeats Genma, but Ranma stops her.

Part 7: The Saddest Kunoichi: She has been badly treated by her relatives (like Cinderella and her sisters). Ukyo meets her and gives her something to eat, but when she goes after Ranma Ukyo slams her with her battle spatula.

Part 8: Runaway Ninja!: She talks about her upbringing. The ugly relatives kidnap Ukyo and Ranma and Kunoichi goes to her rescue.

Part 9: Ranma vs. Konatsu: Konatsu is drugged and starts to fight Ranma.

Part 10: Konatsu's Happiness: Konatsu is in love with Ukyo. She, though, turns out to be a he.

Part 11: Bamboo Leaves of Love: Ranma and Akane are at a festival. There's a story about names on bamboo cards, loves being gained and lost, and how Akane and Ranma really feel towards each other.

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