Ranma 1/2, volume 35

Part 1: Messenger from Jusenkyo: Something attacks the Jusenkyo guide. Genma and Soun knock out Akane and dress her in a wedding kimono. Nodoka is in on the deal. Two bird-beings attack Ranma who is trying to protect a small girl. The girl is Plum and she's the guides daughter.

Cologne knows who the people are. They are after a map of Jusenkyo which, if they get, could cause all the springs to dry up.

Part 2: Battle for the Map!: The group from the mountain attack Ranma cat the Cat Cafe but lose. A reference is made to Lord Saffron back on the mountain. They capture Shampoo.

Part 3: Egg Shampoo: One of the bird-beings takes control of Shampoo and causes her to steal parts of a map. The beings steal the map and take Shampoo back.

Part 4: China Bound!!: Lord Saffron is missing while Ranma and the others with him get at least partway to their goal.

Part 5: The Prince of Ho'o Peak: They encounter the bird-people.

Part 6: The Labyrinth Beneath: They get through the mountain to confront Saffron.

Part 7: Dogfight Above the Peak: The fight continues. Saffron plans to do something to Akane.v

Part 8: Akane in the Spring: Akane is kidnapped and taken to Jusenkyo. Akane ends up in a pool. Later she enters the bath nude with Ranma in the tub.

Part 9: Bad New at Jusenkyo: It wasn't Akane, though. Ranma, Genma, Mousse and Ryoga get to the mountain but first they have to fight Shampoo.

Part 10: Akane Breaks Out!: Akane falls down a hole and is captured by something and Ranma falls down a different hole.

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