Ranma 1/2, volume 36

Part 1: The Phoenix and the Dragon: Akane finds a phoenix and a dragon at the heart of Jusendo. Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse move to the attack.

Part 2: The Saffron Egg: Akane tries to help but something attacks her and she disappears. She's turned into a small doll-like being.

Part 3: The Spout of the Dragon: Ranma tries to help Akane. He manages to decapitate both animals but later wakes up in bed. Shampoo has the small Akane.

Part 4: A Last, Sweet Memory: The head of one of the animals has impaled itself on Saffron's egg, causing it to start to hatch too soon. Meanwhile Ranma and Shampoo fight.

Part 5: Saffron Reborn: Saffron is reborn.

Part 6: Ranma Battles Saffron!!: Ranma fights Saffron, but Saffron seems to be reborn any time he is killed.

Part 7: The Power of the Gekkaja: The battle continues and Ranma gets the upper hand. It turns out Saffron is vulnerable to actual physical hits.

Part 8: Akane's Smile: Akane, even in doll form, helps Ranma and he defeats Saffron.

Part 9: The Final Chapter: Akane nearly dies. Ranma tells her he loves her and then she wakes up. Akane and Ranma start to get married but then everything goes wrong and Soun agrees they can wait to actually get married.

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