Ranma 1/2, volume 1

Part 1: Here's Ranma: Soun Tendo gets a card from his friend Gemna saying he and his son will be by soon. They had made an agreement to join their martial-arts schools by having Ranma marry one of Soun's daughters. The first view of Ranma is Ranma-chan and a panda. They get to the dojo and everyone is disappointed Ranma appears to be a girl. Ranma-chan and Akane spar and Ranma-chan easily defeats her. Later Akane walks in on Ranma in the bath when he has changed back to boy form.

Part 2: Ranma's Secret: Genma throws Ranma into the fish pond to show how he changes into Ranma-chan. The story of Jusenkyo is told and then Ranma is told to pick one of the daughters to become engaged to. Kasumi and Nabiki say Akane is the best choice. Kasumi says Akane is a very sweet girl, but she's just happens also to be a violent maniac.

Part 3: I Hate Men!: They head towards school but Ranma gets changed into Ranma-chan. They visit Dr. Tofu so he can get some water and change back. At school Akane gets jumped by a bunch of guys but defeats them, and then Kuno confronts her. Kuno and Ranma get ready to fight.

Part 4: Never, Never, Never: Ranma defeats Kuno but it starts to rain. Panda-Genma arrives with a kettle of hot water for Ranma. Akane and Ranma have to stand in the hall for being late. Kuno finds out the two are engaged and gets after Ranma again. They jump out the window and fall into a swimming pool.

Part 5: To the tree-borne kettle-girl: In the pool Kuno grabs on to one of Ranma-chan's breasts. She flips him over and ends up in a tree. Kuno ends up attacking Akane, and Ranma-chan beats Kuno. Kuno sends a written message to the tree-borne kettle-girl to meet him and, when Ranma-chan does, Kuno gives her a bunch of roses and then walks away.

Part 6: Body and Soul: Ranma has a nightmare. The next morning at school the boys attack Akane, and Akane and Ranma both beat up Kuno. Nabiki sells Kuno pictures she took of Ranma-chan. She also sells him photos of Akane. Ranma changes right in front of Kuno but Kuno won't believe what he is seeing.

Part 7: You'll Understand Soon Enough: Ranma beats Kuno, but Akane gets made at Ranma and hurts him enough he has to go to Dr. Tofu's. Ranma collapses and Akane changes him into Ranma-chan and carries her home.

Part 8: Because There's A Girl He Likes: Akane and Ranma-chan encounter Kuno the next day at school. Kuno won't admit Ranma beat him even though he did. Akane and Ranma later visit Dr. Tofu's and she tells Ranma there's a girl that likes Tofu that is coming over.

Part 9: You're Cute When You Smile: Kasumi gets there and Tofu acts wild, twisting Ranma's neck. Ranma and Akane spar. Akane's really upset about Kasumi and Tofu since she likes Dr. Tofu also.

Part 10: The Hunter: Ryoga defeats a giant pig on his way to Tokyo to defeat Ranma. Ryoga confronts Ranma and accuses him of running out of a fight.

Part 11: Bread Feud: Ryoga challenges Ranma. Ranma remembers he always got the bread that Ryoga wanted when they were in school together. Ryoga attacks Ranma, not carrying about anyone else that might get hurt in the process.

Part 12: Showdown: Ranma gets hit with cold water and changes into Ranma-chan but Ryoga still complains about himself and starts throwing bandanas around. (Personally, I don't like Ryoga at all. Actually, I don't like Mousse, either. Both of them are sort of cowards; they always fight with weapons even if the person they want to fight is unarmed. )

Part 13: A Bad Cut: As a result of one of Ryoga's bandanas, Akane's long hair gets cut short. (I like the way she looked with long hair). Ranma demonstrates he cares about Akane while Ryoga only plays it down.

Part 14: Who Says You're Cute: Akane goes to Dr. Tofu's and cries. Ranma later tells Akane her hair style looks good.

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