Ranma 1/2, volume 2

Part 1: The Transformation Of Ryoga. Ryoga returns, wanting revenge, but Ranma realizes he also has a curse. Shortly thereafter Akane comes across a small piglet while Ranma thinks a dog is Ryoga. Ranma in her girl form takes a bath with the piglet who then turns into Ryoga. Ranma-chan is nude in several panels.

Part 2: He's got a beef. Ryoga explains how he fell into the cursed spring. Ranma-chan chases him and P-chan (Ryoga in pig form) ends up sleeping with Akane (no sex). There's a technical point here; Ranma had promised the dog he would not say the dog was Ryoga (but the dog wasn't Ryoga, of course), and he did not specifically promise P-chan he would not tell, so Ranma-chan actually could have told Akane who P-chan really was without technically violating any 'warrior's code.'

Part 3: Kodachi, the Black Rose, introducing Kodachi, a totally insane girl who loves to throw petals all over and brew up various poisons and knock-out drugs. Girls from Akane's school want Akane to take their place on the rhythmic gymnastics team when they take on Kodachi, who goes to another school. (She also cheats; a lot). Ryoga agrees to help Akane train.

Part 4: The Love of the Black Rose. Kodachi attacks Akane in her own bedroom. Kodachi falls in love with Ranma.

Part 5: Take Care of My Sister. Akane is injured and can't compete. Ryoga plans to have Ranma-chan compete. Kodachi goes after Akane at school, and then goes after Ranma.

Part 6: I'll See That You Lose: Ryoga helps Ranma-chan practice, but admits he plans to make her lose the match. Ryoga ends up as P-chan and is chained to Ranma-chan.

Part 7: Hot Competition: The contest is extremely wild.

Part 8: I Give Up: Ranma-chan wins the match.

Part 9: Darling Charlotte: This introduces Azuza, a girl who is really into kawaii. She finds P-chan and takes him. Akane asks Ranma's help to find P-chan, and they discover that Azuza has him. Her brother takes P-chan and gives him back to Akane. They challenge Ranma and Akane to an ice-skating contest.

Part 10: A Kiss in the Rink: Ranma-chan can't skate worth a darn. Mikado helps her and ends up kissing her.

Part 11: Lips at a Loss: Ranma and Mikado have a fight and Ranma technically wins.

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