Ranma 1/2, Volume 3

Part 1: Lips at War: The skating contest begins.

Part 2: I'll Never Let Go: The battle continues, but this time Ryoga shows up and changes Ranma into Ranma-chan.

Part 3: Burning the Bridges: Ryoga ends up braking the ice at the skating rink, revealing a swimming pool beneath it.

Part 4: Ryoga Explodes: Royga fights Ranma-chan. The other team tries to interfere, but Ryoga drives them off.

Part 5: The Waters of Love: Mikado ends up injured and leaves the rink. Ryoga and Ranma-chan keep fighting until Akane falls into the water and they have to save her. Shampoo breaks through a wall.

Part 6: Kiss of Death: Ranma-chan explains the backstory dealing with Shampoo to Akane. Shampoo ends up at the Tendo's and gets into a fight with Ranma who defeats her. She kisses him, but this one is the kiss of marriage.

Part 7: You I Love: Nabiki reads the book explaining Amazon laws. Amazon crawls all over Ranma. Akane breaks their engagement. Ryoga hits Ranma with water, turning him into Ranma-chan who Shampoo starts chasing, trying to kill her.

Part 8: Akane gets Shampooed: Shampoo breaks into the school's cafeteria and brings Ranma his lunch, which is P-chan on vegetables. Akane grabs P-chan right away. Shampoo gives Akane the kiss of death. Ranma finds Akane but she doesn't know who he is.

Part 9: Shampoo Cleans Up: Akane is taken to Dr. Tofu's and the truth about Shampoo's memory-erasing Shampoo comes out. It ends up Shampoo is Dr. Tofu's new assistant.

Part 10: Formula #911: Akane is at home. Shampoo tries to Shampoo Akane again but is stopped. Dr. Tofu sees Kasumi and goes nuts. Ranma finds Shampoo who has the antidote shampoo, but she wants Ranma to kill Ranma-chan before she'll give him the shampoo.

Part 11: Bie Liao: Ranma insults Akane and she gets her memory back. Shampoo appears and is stopped by Ranma. He explains to her he is cursed and claims Ranma-chan is his normal form. Shampoo leaves.

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