Ranma 1/2, volume 4

Part 1: Looking for a Weak Spot: Gosunkugi worships Akane. He's looking for Ranma's weak spot.

Part 2: Weak Spot-Found!: Ranma has a fear of cats. Genma explains how he got that.

Part 3: Cat Hell: Ranma gets a note from a fake Akane. The real one is right there by his side. Ranma, Akane and Gosunkugi drop into a pit full of cats to which a tiger is added. Ranma begins to go into cat-fu mode.

Part 4: Cat-fu: The cats and even the tiger are terrified of Ranma in his cat-fu mode. Akane uses catnip on him and then he ends up in her lap and kisses her. She hits him and he falls into a swimming pool.

Part 5: You'd Have Kissed Anybody?: Ryoga and Kuno attack Ranma after seeing the photo of him kissing Akane. Akane gets mad at Ranma and hits him again. Later Ranma goes to take a bath and a cat comes into the room. The cat gets in the water and changes into a nude Shampoo and Akane walks in on them.

Part 6: Shampoo Rides Again: Akane throws cold water on Ranma (later) and hits him again. He encounters Cologne for the first time. Shampoo explains to Ranma how she was punished and became cursed to turn into a cat. Cologne later hits Ranma with her staff.

Part 7: Attack of the Wild Mousse: Mousse shows up. Mousse challenges Ranma and, if Ranma wins, Mouse gets Akane. Meanwhile Ranma finds out she's stuck in girl form thanks to Cologne's hitting a certain pressure point.

Part 8: The Martial Arts Magic Show: Ranma shows up disguised as a male than ditches the disguise and fights in girl form. Mousse proves to be a touch opponent.

Part 9: Cat's Tongue Got You?: Dr. Tofu temporarily cures Ranma and he defeats Mousse.

vPart 10: The Phoenix Pill: Shampoo claims Cologne has a pill that can cure what she's done to him by sticking him in girl form. Ranma-chan works as a waitress at the Cat Cafe. Cologne teaches Ranma the 'chestnuts-roasting-on-an-open-fire' technique.

Part 11: All's Fair at the Fair: Ranma goes to the fair and catches a bunch of fish in a contest. He then goes after Cologne and takes the Phoenix Pill form her, but it's a fake.

Part 12: War of the Melons: Ranma goes to the beach and enters the Martial Arts Melon Splitting contest.

Part 13: Naval Engagement: Ranma fights Cologne in the water where she rides on a shark. Akane jumps in the water, sinks, and Ranma has to save her.

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