Ranma 1/2, Volume 5

Part 1: Kitten of the Sea: Ranma-chan is fighting Cologne. Ranma-chan tricks Shampoo into becoming a cat so he can change and use the cat-fist technique. Shampoo ends up in the bath tub with Ranma. Akane gets angry and tears apart a watermelon with her hands.

Part 2: Care to Join Me? Cologne offers to train Ryoga but he turns her down. Ryoga then attacks Ranma but is defeated, Ranma stopping him from turning into P-chan right in front of Akane. Akane gets mad and hits Ranma for fighting with Ryoga.

Part 3: Training Meals: Ranma is on a training trip with Genma and Akane. Cologne is now training Ryoga. Royga eats Akane's cooking, and Cologne says Ranma's fight with Ryoga will be in one week.

Part 4: The Breaking Point: Ryoga learns how to shatter a boulder with one finger and is ready for his fight with Ranma. Akane's been tied up and is hanging from a tree as the prize.

Part 5: The Immortal Man: Ryoga has become much tougher physically and the fight is a stalemate at the moment.

Part 6: Fast Break: Ranma ends up winning when both of them fall into water, changing Ryoga to P-chan.

Part 7: The Way of Tea: An unconscious guy comes riding into the area on a horse. It rains and changes Ranma to Ranma-chan and she wakes the guy up. The guy fixes her tea but it's drugged and he makes off with Ranma-chan. When she wakes up she's dressed in a wedding kimono. She agrees to take part in a martial arts tea ceremony.

Part 8: Meet Miss Satsuki: Ranma gets training in the martial arts tea ceremony. Miss Satsuki, though, seems to be a monkey.

Part 9: Proposal Accepted: Ranma and the monkey get into a fight. The guy from the horse decides he wants to marry Akane, but she punts him away and he falls onto the real Miss Satsuki, and it's love at first actual sight.

Part 10: It's Fast or It's Free: Kuno's room has huge posters of Akane and Ranma-chan. He goes to the dojo and claims he's choosing Akane as his one true love. Ranma gets changed into Ranma-chan by falling into the fish pool. Meanwhile Cologne finds out there is going to be a 'Miss Martial Arts Takeout' contest. Shampoo, Akane and Ranma-chan all enter the contest.

Part 11: Eyes on the Prize: It turns out Kuno's house will be the delivery place. All three girls arrive there at exactly the same time, though.

Part 12: Noodles, Anyone?: They drop in the Kuno training facility. Akane gets disqualified from the contest.

Part 13: I Won't Eat It!: Kuno and Ranma-chan fight. She ends up nude in Kuno's pool, and Kuno eats her ramen.

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