Amazon's Picnic at Hanging Rock episode 2

So this episode starts off with these guys walking through some trees. Apparently they're looking for the girls. Voice over is Mrs. Appleyard talking about the missing girls.

Mrs. Appleyard prohibits the girls from writing letters home and telling their parents. (Cover-up in effect, apparently.) Then it's back to the search. Then Mrs. Appleyard decides to batten down the hatches by closing all entrances to the college (except one which was to be guarded, I guess) and even goes as far as to close the shutters on all the windows


All the watches of the searchers stop at 12:00. The interrogations continue and there is focus on the two riders who were leaving as the group got there (this was not in the book or the original movie.) Another thing not in the originals was Michael finding Miranda's stocking and taking it. A blood hound got it out of him.

It seems Michael also a problem with his past and was sent there due to some disgrace he was involved in. (This Michael is arrogant and nasty.)

This one is really losing it. Sarah tells her to shut up but she goes right on.

Then there's a jump to one year earlier when Irma arrives. Sara also arrives. This is when Sara starts sharing a room with Miranda. Miranda is caught coming in from running around the grounds with no shoes on. Her palms are hit with a cane numerous times as punishment. The beating (also not in the book or movie) is quite cruel and the teacher seems to enjoy doing it.

Miranda's hands are in bad shape. Irma and Marion help her remove her clothes. Then there's a scene not in the book or movie where she's totally nude, the view being from the back. Then there's stuff added about an art class (again, still from a year ago. Make something like this last six episodes and there's a lot of filler that's going to be used.)

Now, how to write a script for a movie with the most tasteless material possible. Here the girls are in an art class. What is the art teacher showing them? A PICNIC OF THE AREA WHERE THE GIRLS WENT MISSING!! How absolutely inappropriate can you get? Didn't anybody tell the teacher that she was not to do anything which could upset the girls? How, also, did this bit of brilliant script-writing get included in the first place? Did the writer plan to actually piss off the people watching the episode?

The search is called off with the girls declared missing, presumed dead. We also find out Michael was falsely accused of wrong-doing when he was at Cambridge.

Then there's a scene with some of the girls talking to Edith. Clue very weird lighting and some other weird stuff that was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! Did the writers, etc. set out on purpose to ruin what is a really good story?

Miss Lumley looks through Miranda's room. She almost slaps Sara who is also in the room. Miss Lumley, you will recall, is the one who used a cane on Miranda's hands. Nice to have a resident sadist on the staff.

Then we go to a party at Michael's father's place. Mrs. Appleyard shows up and does not seem to be very welcome. Then there's more weird stuff with Miss Lumley. Then there's a scene with Mrs. Appleyard under a bed. Some guy is there (nude) and someone shoots him and, of course, the guy falls face front to the camera.

Michael decides to go back and do some more looking for the girls. Albert leaves and Michael stays there (as in the book) (For once,)

Does Michael have a stocking fetish? He's exploring and finds another of the girls' stockings (not done in the book, of course.) But it's actually just a snake skin. It seems to me that Amazon is doing this series more as a horror series than as the original which was basically a metaphysical mystery.

The French teacher and Mrs. Appleyard question Edith again and this time she says she saw a 'nasty red cloud.' However, she was looking into a pool where she saw the reflection of the cloud. She looked up and it seems something was there and it seemed to scream. She also adds that, as she ran, she passed Miss Mc Craw.

Meanwhile Albert finds Michael. Michael says 'she's here' (probably referring to Miranda.)

Michael looks up at a red sky and hears a scream. He finds Marion.'

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