Amazon's Picnic at Hanging Rock, episode 5

So, this one opens with some strange camera work then a blast from the past redoing the scene where the girls are asleep near the rock. The French teacher talks to Miss Mc Craw then lays down to go to sleep.

Some time after the event the French teacher has gotten her watch fixed and it seems the watch repairman is interested in marrying her. She blames herself for what happened at Hanging Rock. She says she has to stay at the college.

Meanwhile another girl, Martha, is being taken away from the college by her parents. This is the point where Mrs. Appleyard lies to the French teacher about Sara being taken away by her guardian. Then she states another lie, saying that she had told him that she would send Sara's things on.

She goes through Sara's room and finds the photo of Miranda that Sara treasured, causing her to wonder about what really happened to Sara. Minnie tells her that she and Tom will be leaving the college the very next day.

She starts asking around and no one saw Sara leave. She's given a letter by Tom and its from a Ms. Valange noting that the Mrs. Appleyard is not to be trusted and offering a home for Sara. Then weasley Ms. Lumley enters Mrs. Appleyard's room and tells her about the French teacher asking questions about Sara. She asks Lumley how she keeps memories away.

There's a jump back in time to when the French teacher interviewed for a job at the college. Her family all died in an epidemic. Mrs. Appleyard has numerous flashbacks to her time with Arthur. (She was quite a bit younger than him.) Meanwhile the French teacher talks to Bumpher, the main policeman in the investigation.

Then there's another flashback to the picnic, this one just after the girls have been found to be missing. Then Edith runs in screaming

. Then back to the present where the French teacher has run to the watch repairman and they have sex.

The doctor lets Mrs. Appleyard know he wants her as his wife. She then thinks she sees lots of maggots on her shoes and she runs away. Tom and Minnie leave. Albert leaves. (She has also been drinking a fair amount.)

Mr. Lumley, Dora's sister, shows up saying he's come to take Ms. Lumley away. She doesn't want to go and calls the French teacher a slut since she didn't sleep in her own bed the previous night (showing Lumely's a full-time snoop.) Meanwhile the girls are leaving for Easter vacation.

Edith is the last one to go since her mother is late getting there. Mrs. Appleyard is thinking of changing the name of the school. She's also fired the cook. She wants different girls including no orphans, bastards or tomboys. She tells the French teacher that she is the one responsible for the girls going missing and she is also fired.

Another flashback with Hester (Mrs. Appleyard) a young girl in an orphanage.

It's evident that she's going bonkers. At the moment she thinks Arthur is there after her (notice the gun. Obviously plans to give him a very warm welcome.) There's also been more flashbacks of her when she was young and was with him. The French teacher sneaks into Appleyard's bed room and find the photo of Miranda there. She also finds Sara's luggage under Appleyard's bed.

Mrs. Appleyard follows a hallucination of her younger self while the French teacher flees the school with Sara's luggage.

Then the story shifts to Melbourne. The policeman is talking to Irma. He's asking her about the school and she says she wasn't happy there. She says none of the girls were their voluntarily and no one liked Ms. Lumley. She also tells him Mrs. Appleyard was a fraud noting mistakes in dinner details. He's still working on the theory that the girls left of their own accord. We find out some about Irma's background.

We also find out Marion was in love with Miss Mc Craw. Miranda says her parents expect her to get married right away but she has no intention of doing that. Irma tells the policeman that there was no plan to run away. Then he asks her about Sara. He tells her Sara might also have disappeared.

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