Interview with Anne Louise Lambert

A ranger escorts a reporter and says that the area is big and the girls could have gone anywhere.

The book is quoted by the reporter and it says the readers had to decide whether the story was true or not.

The producer of the film. She claims three children were found dead close to the rock but not on it.

Anne Lambert, who played Miranda, says that there was one day during the filming when nothing was seeming to go right. She walked into the bushes probably to refocus herself and said she could hear someone following her. She turned and saw an old woman. It turned out to be Joan Lindsay, the author of the book.

The producer went back to the rock with her daughter later and freaked out, saying they had to get off the rock right then. She said she never wanted to go back there.

So the video clip indicates the events were real. The producer talks about going through papers and finding the story of the three dead girls, but she doesn't say exactly when the event took place. I know another researcher who also searched the paper and he said he found nothing. It is possible Joan Lindsay took the story and altered it considerably for the movie.

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