Picnic at Hanging Rock Play

Paperback, 72 pages, five of which are blank for 'director's notes.'

This being a play it reads like a television or movie script with both dialog and scene descriptions and actions noted. Since it's a play there are also notes about what props are used for what. For example, some benches are used to simulate the carriage that takes the girls and their teachers from the school to Hanging Rock.

I do have a question or two about it, though. On page 8 it makes a reference to venomous snakes being in the area but later the girls take off their shoes. That doesn't seem to be a very sensible move on their part considering the possible presence of such deadly animals.

The other thing I wonder about (and this would apply to any play based on the story) is that such a play would seem to only appeal to someone who is familiar with the story and/or the movie. Otherwise I would tend to think someone watching it would be sort of confused.

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