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Special Help-Given section

I have started this section to list the names of people who have been providing me help in adding material to these pages.

Michelle Newton-Green points out that the novel was published in 1967 byCheshire Publishing in Austrialia, published in the UK in 1968 and in the USA 1977. The "missing chapter" was released in 1986-1987 after Joan Lindsay's death. Michelle writes: "It also contained a critique of the missing chapter and an explanation of why Irma ws returned and an insight into Aborignal mythology concerning the Hanging Rock itself."

Kelly T points out that the name of the French teacher is Diane de Poitiers which was the name of the mistress of King Henri II of France.

Elner T. Ludvigsen for additional help in analysis of the movie.

Help from Tim Colebatch in clearing up whether or not the movie is factual, fictional, or based on some fact.

Shewolfen1, for providing information supporting the reality of the event.

Sandra, from Hamburg, Germany, has a Picnic at Hanging Rock Page. Her pages

Biograph, for information on a new Hanging Rock book

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