Picnic at Hanging Rock: Resolution At Last

The author offers a mathematical solution to the mystery of what happened to the girls in the (fictional) story.

Some of the main points he dwells on include:

How often the number 2 is used in the story (2 doctors, etc.)

The importance of time stopping.

The fact that there were 2 mathematicians among the faculty of the school.

Discarded garments.

The picnic ground being 2D while the rock itself is 3D.

2 spiritual icons for Irma.

Marion and Miranda moving towards 'infinity.'

Projective geometry.

The importance of the cave.

There are also footnotes and a bibliography.

Does he actually offer a reasonable 'solution' to the mystery? Not in my opinion. All the twos could also be interpreted as a form of synchronicity. That would make things even eerier. The time stoppage is more paranormal than anything else. Some have interpreted what happened as alien abduction. Some say the girls and their teacher fell into a cave and died there. There are various interpretations and this is just another one of those.

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