The Missing Lady (1946)

Some guy kills a man at a desk and steals something.

We learn the name of the man who was shot.

A crook goes into a bar that is crooked itself.

Two more crooks. He's looking for the 'jade lady' which was the one the original crook took. Apparently someone then took it from him.

The one guy leaves, but the other crook, called Ox, takes his place.

Lamont's playing a bum.

The woman from before knows Lamont. She tells him everyone around there can recognize him.

Lamont leaves the flophouse and returns as the Shadow.

Another crook plans to kill one of the guys in the flophouse.

Margo and Jenny get back from someplace they've been for a while.

Lamont hears a scream and finds a lady in her apartment unconscious. There's also the body of a guy with a gun. While Lamont is checking him out, someone knocks Lamont out.


Cardona arrives.

They take Cranston in and grill him, thinking he's the killer.

The police let Lamont go due to lack of evidence, so the Shadow questions the woman that had accused Lamont of the murder. She tells him Lamont actually didn't kill the guy, and it all has something to do with the 'jade lady.'

Then somebody kills her.

In another department, a woman has snuck in, the Shadow is there, and Ox, the crook, shows up. Then some other guy shows up.

Margo and Jenny decide to confront the woman who had accused Lamont, not knowing that she's already dead.

Lamont checks out the dead woman's apartment, and the friend of the dead woman shows up. She knocks out Lamont and leaves.

Some guy confronts Lamont in his own apartment. Lamont manages to knock the guy out. When the crook wakes up her offers Lamont $20,000 for the jade lady.

The woman that hit Lamont is modeling for an artist.

Lamont and Shrevvie have gone to a nightclub, and Margo and Jenny are going there also, but in disguise. Unfortunately, they tell the bartender that Lamont and Shrevvie are cops.

Lamont talks to the woman about the missing lady.

The guy who was searching Lamont's apartment is also there.

The woman has set Lamont up. Lamont gets beaten up by some thugs.

The 'all the suspects in one room' scene.

Lamont and Ox fight; this time Lamont beats him up really good. One of the guys that seemed to be a crook was really a detective working for an insurance company. Lamont gives the jade lady to him, and he gives a big check to the police fund.

The murderer is revealed.

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