Invisible Avenger

At least this film opens with the “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men” traditional saying. Apparently it was a one-hour pilot for a TV series that never got sold.

The guy with the beard is some kind of exiled Presidente. As they talk he reveals that he has heard of Lamont Cranston, and that Cranston is a friend of the Shadow, and they could use his help.

The conversation is overhead, though, and someone tries to kill, or at least scare, the guy before he can make his phone call.

This is Lamont Cranston. The guy calling is killed before he can explain what is wrong.

The guy on the right is a crook; Cranston’s on the left; the guy in the middle is someone who knows that Cranston is the Shadow. Apparently he’s some kind of mentor to the Shadow.

The woman’s also with the bad guys.

Notice the shadow of Cranston at the left. He has used mind control to convince the driver that he wasn’t still in the cab. He knows the driver is the same crook from the airport. A little later the mentor uses telepathy to warn Cranston about a car that is trying to run him down.

Cranston fights one of the evil men and uses some of the stupidest martial arts moves I’ve ever seen.

The Shadow comes to the Presidente’s room.

The full Shadow, minus hat and cloak. Just not quite as effective. He tells them they need to move to somewhere safer.

Cranston takes a guy’s trumpet. When he leaves with it a cab driver tries to take it from him and one of the thugs from the bar tries to stop him. One of the musicians from the club is also crooked. The shadow puts the trumpet down, then becomes invisible, socks the guy and takes the trumpet back. (The musician has to be up there with the world’s worst actors). There was a secret message in the trumpet, by the way.

The President’s brother is being executed in his country.

The next day the exiled Presidente is going to talk to the people and encourage a revolt in Santa Cruz.

The crooks kidnap the Presidente and Cranston is trying to find out about the car they used. He’s too late, though, as they kidnap the Presidente onto a boat.

Somehow Cranston finds the boot they took the Presidente on and sneaks aboard.

The brother wasn’t actually killed and he’s there and knocks out the Presidente’s wife.

Another form of the Shadow’s shadow ability. These leads to the traitorous brother shooting the evil colonel and vice versa.

While they are on the boat the revolution starts and is quickly successful.

At least in this movie the Shadow has some semi-mysterious ability. There’s no hat or cloak, of course, and no agents, no drive-against-crime, none of that. There is a mentor, though.

It’s sort of a somewhat-Shadow type of story; more a story of a guy with some psychic powers, one of which is the ability to make people see a shadow, or see nothing. As a movie, it’s ok. Nothing great, but at least he’s not just a radio announcer.