The Shadow Strikes, 1937

I'm going to use the name Lamont in the following synopsis, although the main character is never actually identified with any name other than The Shadow.

This is based on the pulp story The Ghost of the Manor.

The cast list.

A crook is trying to break into a safe.

The Shadow appears.

There were two guys involved in the robbery, and the Shadow has the drop on them. Notice the guy playing the Shadow is not wearing anything hiding his face.

He calls the police.

The police arrive and taken the crooks in tow. The Shadow has left.

The Shadow wanted to go through the papers in the safe but one of the policeman found him, and the Shadow is pretending to be the attorney who owns the office.

There's a call and the Shadow has to take it to keep up his pretense of being the attorney. This one is from Wellington, the butler, telling the supposed attorney that he's needed at the house. The policeman insists on going with him (since he doesn't totally believe the Shadow is actually the lawyer.)

(What I am wondering here is why the policeman never asked for the “attorney's” ID? Wouldn't that be standard, especially considering there were two burglars and the “attorney” could have been a third?)

The guy shows the “attorney” his will. He also says he thinks his life is in jeopardy.

The guy explains how his niece and nephews live at the house.

Suddenly the guy is shot.

The tall guy is Humphrey.

Marcia and Warren.

A couple of reporters show up.

Winston is the guy in the light colored suit.

The police decide to run Winston is since he can't account for his whereabouts during the time of the killing. (The guy is incredibly absent-minded.)

This is Jasper on the right.

The crooks were working for the guy sitting down, who runs the gambling club where Jasper is.

Marcia finds that Jasper had a gun on him.

The Shadow (he has not been identified as Lamont Cranston yet) tells Henry, his helper, to check out a couple things while he goes to see Marcia, who just called him on the phone.

They find out Jasper's gun is not the one that killed Marcia's uncle.

At Randall's office, the people who work there read the paper and realize something is wrong.

The policeman finds out that the “attorney” is a fake.

The policeman confronts the “attorney.” He fakes a conversation with “his” secretary on the phone. Lamont says that Winstead's alibi checked out.

Brosset is the guy running the club, and he wants to see the “attorney.” Lamont poses as a different attorney.

Jasper is at the club and wants yet another loan, and Brosett says he wants the money he's owed by Jasper that night.

Lamont and Jasper talk.

The reporters are at the house again.

Jasper tells Winstead that he needs $11,000.

Henry sees two criminals arrive. He goes to their car after they get out and finds a gun.

Jasper finds a gun in the desk drawer, and accuses Winstead of hiring someone to do the murder.

People hear a shot and rush into the room. Winstead is dead, and Jasper is standing there holding a gun.

Warren Barringer enters.

Henry has caught the two crooks.

Warren figures out Lamont is not the attorney and goes to the police.

Marcia goes to warn Lamont.

Henry wants Lamont to back out of what is going on, and says something about Lamont's desire to get the man that murdered his father.

Lamont has planted a listening device in Brosett's room.

Brosett sends a couple of hoods to the estate to find the will. Meanwhile, Lamont will go there as the Shadow.

The Shadow arrives.

Brosett finds the listening device.

Marcia tells Warren it's over between them.

Brosett has followed Lamont.

Wellington says he is there to kill Lamont.

Brosett has figured out Lamont is the Shadow, but Lamont moves and Wellington fires at him from behind the curtain and Brosett fires, the two men killing each other.

Wellington reveals that Warren is his son, and he wanted him to get some of the money.

Finally, near the very end of the movie, Lamont's name is actually used.

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