The Case of the Cotton Kimona

This is an unsold 1951 pilot for a Shadow TV series.

A narrator opens the show saying “This is where it all began-the Case of the Cotton Kimona8.” (The program is grainy, dark and worn.)

A woman was working in the kitchen when the door buzzer was pressed.

She thinks it's her husband, but it's someone who shoots her.

The newspaper headline.

Lamont, Margo, and Police Commissioner Weston. Lamont is a criminal psychologist in this proposed series.

An investigator on the case talks to Lamont. He knew the murdered woman personally. They just found the gun, which was stolen.

He reveals the woman had no enemies, no underworld connections, but she did have a boyfriend. He talked to the boyfriend and he's very suspicious of him.

Lamont and Margot go to talk to the boyfriend. Lamont finds out the investigator had visited the guy many times, not twice as he had told Lamont.

The boyfriend talks to Lamont alone and remembers that the woman took singing lessons, and that the guy who was giving them to her would call her and bother her.

Lamont goes to talk to the guy. He gets mad at Lamont and refuses to talk to him.

Lamont tells Margot that the Shadow will be needed.

A light starts pulsing in the guy's room.

Suddenly the guy hears the laugh of the Shadow.

The Shadow keeps talking to him. This is like the radio-program Shadow, who “clouds men's minds” and is invisible to the criminals.

The guy claims he did not kill her. Before he can tell the Shadow who he suspects killed her, he is killed by someone.

The investigator is in the former boyfriend's apartment. He takes the guy to the police station.

The investigator admits he doesn't think the boyfriend killed her.

It turns out to be a setup, though, the investigator tricking the guy into saying he was somewhere where another man had been murdered that day.

Lamont and Margot check out the boarding room of the investigator. Lamont wants Margot to go and check out the murdered woman's apartment.

Lamont finds out the guy had been staying there way longer than he had claimed.

The guy is in the woman's apartment.

Margot realizes that the guy is the actual murderer.

The guy has drawn a gun on Margot.

Then the same pulsing light is seen.

The guy hears the voice of the Shadow and drops his gun. He tries to escape, but the door is closed by the Shadow

This is definitely a radio show type of thing, done as a TV program.

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