International Crime (1938)

Problem 1: Theres a Phoebe Lane, not a Margot Lane. Further, Phoebe Lane is basically a stereotyped dumb blonde. Absolutely not someone of the Shadows nature would fool with.

Problem 2: Ah, but the Shadow, in this case, is a criminologist and a radio reporter who doesnt even use a disguise. A radio reporter with his own program about crime? This is beginning to look really, really bad.

And things go downhill from there. This has to be one of the most awful, absurd sendups of the Shadow ever done. It plays like a Three Stooges film and has about as much relation to the Shadow. It even includes its own little bit of racism and sexism.

A radio program supposedly having the Shadow talk about crime.

The film gets worse. Phoebe has given Lamont a tip that a crime will occur at a certain spot and he and the police commissioner and various policemen are there waiting. They jump a guy carrying a violin case which contains - get this - a violin!

It was all a ruse (of course) since the real crook planned something somewhere else while the police were out of the way on a wild goose chase.

The police commission orders the Shadow, er, Lamont Cranston, locked up as a material witness.

Phoebe springs the Shadow.

A safecracker threatens Lamont during his broadcast.

The Shadow drinking??? Anyhow, later he takes Phoebe out to try to find the man who gave her the false tip.

The stereotyped black person from the time.

The two evil guys confront someone else, only to be foiled by Lamont Cranston and the safe cracker who has turned straight..

Probably the best part of the movie.

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