The Shadow Trading Cards

I think this was a good movie. The Shadow looked pretty much like I expected him to look, and Shiwan Khan was the same.

Margo Lane was also pretty much what I expected. Her father I didn't care for very much; he was a little too mad-scientist for my taste. Moe Shrevnitz made a good cab-driver.

I felt that was miscasting. I just couldn't see the guy as anything but a comedian. Dr. Roy Tam, on the other hand, was well played.

I like the backstory they gave the Shadow. Granted, it doesn't agree with the canon explanation, but the way it is set up does explain how the Shadow 'knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men' since he himself was there once.

I also like the part where Cranston was taught how to deal with the darkness within himself and to help others.

The bridge scene was a very good opening to the movie.

More of the bridge opening scene. It explains how men end up becoming agents for the Shadow.

I like the looks of the time. I prefer the older style, thirties and forties buildings to almost anything built today.

The Cobalt Club is brought into the movie. Good.

I think Margo is a pretty decent character. No worse then in the actual radio program.

Moe's cab. Again, I like the older styles of cars than the newer styles.

The villain gets introduced.

Now we have two mad scientists.

Margo and her father, and Khan getting ready to go shopping downtown, where it's anything but safe.

What's an action movie without at least one good explosion?

I think Margo is reading A Tale of Two Cities.

The Shadow's Sanctum. I thought all the tubes running through the town in the second card were a little far-fetched.

This is a parody, of course, on Camel cigarettes.

The Shadow's guns and Margo gets hypnotized.

Maybe some people didn't like the movie because of the use of

Margo Lane.

The hero finally gets to meet the villain.

Khan wants the Shadow to join him.

Margo convinces Cranston to let her help him find her father.

The mad scientist and the mad villain.

The other mad scientist plans to kill the Shadow.

Margo proves she has a link with the Shadow and is able to help him.

Either he's sitting on an ornate throne, or he's sitting on the toilet. Hard to tell.

Khan is upset. Was the toilet paper too rough? Was he angry about Kirk yelling at him?

Khan's found a way to get out of paying property taxes. Make the entire building invisible!

One mad scientist and some henchmen get what is coming to them.

The big showdown begins.

The Shadow comes ever closer to the villain.

The building is revealed to everyone. Meanwhile the city accountant is figuring out how much back taxes Khan owes.

Margo rejoins her mad scientist father (who, to some degree, reminds me of some of the people who worked on the making of the original atomic bomb.)

Margo becomes one of the Shadow's agents.

The Shadow triumphant. Second card-artwork is up to the individual on whether or not they like it, and this is one piece of Shadow artwork that I don't like. The third card is from the cover of the bound edition of Coils of the Leviathan. This art is tolerable to me, but that's about it.

I like the middle artwork the most; the other two are also pretty good, in my opinion.

I don't like the first artwork at all, but I really like the other two, especially the middle one.

The first two pieces are good, but the third one is really weird, the way the eye on the right (as you are looking at the card) looks strange.

The first and third cards are good, but in the middle one the woman isn't done too well, again, in my opinion (not that I can draw any good at all myself. I just know what I like.)

Three more pretty well-drawn cards.

All three are well drawn.

Cards from covers of books. The middle cards is from Double Z, and the bottom one is from The Creeping Death.

More book covers.

More covers.

Another cover. I think that the cover art on the books is some of the best Shadow artwork ever done.l

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