The Shadow Returns (1946)

The movie starts its story here.

The old man points out a certain grave. The guys with him start to dig up the gravesite.

Another location.

Lamont's on the left.

They appear to be in love. It's Margo. She wants Lamont to marry her and give up being the Shadow, but he won't give that up. He tells her that, unless a 'worth-while' case shows up in three weeks, he'll quit being the Shadow.

This Lamont has a butler.

Location three.

Hawkeye's on the left and Burbank's on the right. Hawkeye is a character directly from the novels, as is Burbank.

Back at the grave, a bunch of gemstones are found.

Another familiar character.

Weston, behind the desk, and Cardona, asleep. Lamont is Weston's nephew in this film.


The guy with the beard and who has the jewels goes into the house and closes the door behind him. Lamont and Margo walk in. Cardona doesn't care much for Lamont.

Everyone gathers in one room to be interviewed by the police. One of them is an ex-crook.

The Shadow is appearing in this manner, at least so far in the film.

The Shadow talks to the police, but with his gun drawn.

Instead of talking, one guy jumps from the window.

The woman on the right was trying to come on to Lamont, but Margo made short work of her attempt.

Lamont and Margo leave. Lamont says the guy who jumped from the balcony was really murdered.

Lamont and Margo come back the next day. Cardona thinks that the Shadow took the jewels.

Lamont returns at night as the Shadow. Note the use of the face mask covering the upper half and more of the face, not the normal scarf-like item covering the lower part of his face.

Lamont checks out a warehouse one of the people owns and spots the butler going inside.

Lamont tells the guy that the butler is there to kill him, and he should call the police.

They get back to the cab and there's a dead person in it. It turns out the person had been dead about a week.

Back at home, Burbank calls Lamont. Note that Lamont has sort of a laboratory.

The police are again talking to the people in the house. Cardona reveals that the guy who jumped from the window had been drugged for almost a week. Meanwhile, the butler overhears; for some reason the police didn't make him set in the room with the others.

The Shadow confronts the butler.

The Shadow holds his gun on the group while he tells the police about a clue.

The butler jumps from the same window the other guy did.

The Shadow confronts one of the people involved, a mineral importer-exporter.

The guy was going to confess everything he knew, but he also jumps from a ledge, this time inside a warehouse.

The nasty guy who works in the warehouse alerts a bunch of crooks.

The guy shoots at the Shadow, and then the fight is on.

The police arrive at the warehouse.

Lamont and Margo go to the warehouse, and Margo finds the secret compartment.

They find a hidden lab.

Lamont works in the lab. The 'stones' from the gravesite are really plastic, and he dissolves the coating to find a piece of metal that contains microfilm of a formula for the ultra-hard plastic.

Lamont is at Weston's office with Cardona when the phone rings. Margo and Shrevvie, the cab-driver from the series, then play a record containing the voice of the Shadow so Cardona will think he's talking directly to him.

There's another meeting at the house.

Lamont explains how the murders were committed.

The murderer is revealed.

This is a very good Shadow movie. A lot of the pulp's characters are in it. Margo is actually helpful. There's a good bit of humor, and the story itself is well done. Much better than most of the other Shadow movies.

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