Sharon Gless' Battle with Alcohol-the Untold Story

Sharon Gless checked into a Minnesota clinic for alcohol abuse because she'd been drinking heavily since last November, distraught over her nerve-wracking romances with two men, reveal insiders.

"Everything's become a nightmare-there are two men in my life and I don't want to be without either one of them," the "Cagney & Lacey" star told a source just before flying from Los Angeles to the $5,500 -a-month Hazelden clinic on April 11.

"When I think about this situation, my head goes in circles and the only answer seems to be another glass of wine, another belt of scotch."

When Sharon took off for Minnesota, she left behind her two beaus, "Cagney & Lacey" producer Barney Rosenzweig and cinematographics Hector Figueroa.

Hector has been seeing Sharon on and off for five years. Barney dated Sharon during a separation from his wife last year, then dumped Sharon to return to his wife.

Now he's split from his spouse again, and is once more seeing Sharon.

"I've started seeing Barney again-but I'm not going to give up Hector," Sharon told a pal a week or so before she went for treatment.

"I don't trust Barney. I always have the feeling that he may go running back to his wife.

"I'm hopelessly confused now. I don't know which one I want!"

Sharon's drinking became a problem last November, when she put her romance with Hector on hold to start dating Barney, sources confide. It was an especially stressful time for Sharon, because Barney's estranged wife Barbara was a close friend of hers.

"Since last November, Sharon's been drinking far more heavily than usual," said the pal. "I saw her at a cocktail party in late March, and she was flushed and talking very excitedly. Every time a waiter went past she took another glass of champagne. She just didn't seem to know ho to say no.

"By the end of the evening she wasn't any too steady on her feet. Once of the other guests helped her leave the room-he was holding her steady as she tried to walk.

"And because she's so emotionally confused over her romantic problems, she's been eating up a storm, downing plates of pasta. She has put on 25 pounds."

Tearful Sharon told the pal," I can't stand myself. I'm putting on weight, eating everything in sight, and I can't get this boozing under control.

"I have to do something about it before it really does ruin my life!"

Finally, she did do something-she flew to the Hazelden clinic.

"I chose it because it's out of the spotlight, away from the glare of publicity," she told the source.

"Obviously, I can't go on like this. but getting the booze under control is just the first step.

"When I come back fit and healthy, I'll decide what I'm going to do about my love life!"